Project Management

We offer complete Project Management Services (Time, Cost and Quality - Planning and Monitoring) to ensure that our client meet the expectations on time. We use a hands-on approach by monitoring the project at all stages, thus taking mitigation measures as and when we foresee problems.

We prepare a detailed Project Execution Schedule and this is constantly reviewed and updated to ensure that the progress is accomplished as planned. In case of undue delays – meetings are arranged and corrective measures are taken.

Detailed Item-wise Estimate (with Cost) is prepared considering the construction stages. Also all the payments made to the contractor only-after strict scrutiny and comparison with the original planned costs.

The major set-back on quality happens when the in-correct versions of the drawings and other construction documents are used in the project site. Our document management system ensures that the latest versions are used at site. Also, a thorough scrutiny of the latest drawings is done by our engineers, to ensure that there are no errors in the drawings.