Software Development

Companies are becoming software dependent, developing & capitalizing on strong software capability, thus competing in the new economy. We have experienced dedicated Application Development teams, combining the business and industry knowledge with technology, who work closely with clients to develop comprehensive solutions, best suited to the customer's needs.

Construction Software

Professionals with the blend of knowledge on structural engineering and software engineering, we help companies develop in-house/customised softwares in the field of civil/structural/construction engineering.

We also offer software testing services. Validating the engineering calculation results (particularly in estimation, design softwares) is a great value-addition.

Articulate engineering softwares with supporting documents (user-manuals, engineering results validation documents), which is vital for the wide-spread use of softwares.

With our language experts, we translate engineering softwares to support other languages like Spanish, German, French, etc.

Client Product Development

Our Product Development & Outsourcing services offer complete product lifecycle solutions as an extension to our client's engineering team. We accelerate the creation of software products, help in reducing the product-marketing time and our schedules are more predictable. Our Professional team engaged in Product Development, Product Acquisition and Enhancement, Product testing, help customers to bring their software products to market faster and more cost effectively.

Our Project managers understand the client requirements, document them and involve the client at all stages of product development, thereby delivering a product in 100% compliance with the client requirements.